hcitool – configure Bluetooth connections

A UNIX Command
hcitool - HCI Tool ver 4.89
	hcitool [options]  [command parameters]
	--help	Display help
	-i dev	HCI device
	dev 	Display local devices
	inq 	Inquire remote devices
	scan	Scan for remote devices
	name	Get name from remote device
	info	Get information from remote device
	spinq	Start periodic inquiry
	epinq	Exit periodic inquiry
	cmd 	Submit arbitrary HCI commands
	con 	Display active connections
	cc  	Create connection to remote device
	dc  	Disconnect from remote device
	sr  	Switch master/slave role
	cpt 	Change connection packet type
	rssi	Display connection RSSI
	lq  	Display link quality
	tpl 	Display transmit power level
	afh 	Display AFH channel map
	lp  	Set/display link policy settings
	lst 	Set/display link supervision timeout
	auth	Request authentication
	enc 	Set connection encryption
	key 	Change connection link key
	clkoff	Read clock offset
	clock	Read local or remote clock
	lescan	Start LE scan
	lecc	Create a LE Connection
	ledc	Disconnect a LE Connection

For more information on the usage of each command use:
	hcitool  --help

UNIX Explanation
hcitool  is used to  configure Bluetooth  connections and
send  some special  command to  Bluetooth devices.  If no
command is  given, or if  the option -h is  used, hcitool
prints some usage information and exits.

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